О нас

Все наши преподаватели ежегодно повышают свою квалификацию на специальных курсах, проводимых Министерством Образования штата Виктория.

Мы принимаем детей, которые пошли в дневную школу в Prep, обычно с 5 лет и старше.

Malvern Russian Community School

 Our school was established in 1993 and registered as a non for profit organisation. 

Our school employs  professional teachers who have the highest qualifications in teaching Russian language and Literature acquired in CIS and have completed courses in Victoria in LOTE Methodology, Assessment and Reporting in Language Schools (Monash University, Melbourne).

 In grades 1 to 4 we teach also Maths in Russian language.

 Our school has been authorised by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) as fulfilling the requirements of a VCE Single Study Language Provider  ID Number: 01920.


Онлайн документы

VCE Course outline units 1-4 (Скачать PDF file)

Grade 1 to 2 Course outline (скачать PDF file)
Grade 3 to 4 Course outline (скачать PDF file)
Grade 5 to 6 Course outline (скачать PDF file)
Grade 7 Course outline (скачать PDF file)
Grade 8 Course outline (скачать PDF file)
Grade 9 to 10 Course outline (скачать PDF file)
Victoria Curriculum Foundation Levels 2-8 (скачать PDF file)

VCE provider  for 2020-2021 (Скачать PDF file)

Discipline policy (Скачать PDF file)

School Charter (Скачать PDF file)