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Dear  Students & Parents,

We have received confirmation from the Department of Educational and Training (DET) that under the lifting of COVID19 restrictions COMMUNITY LANGUAGES SCHOOLS are now permitted to return to face to face teaching.

CLS are able to return to face to face provision now that the move to Last Step Restrictions has been confirmed.


As per the Term 4 School’s operations guide:

  • All school-based staff must wear face masks at school, and when travelling to and from school.
  • A face mask that covers the nose and mouth is now the only permitted type of face covering.

Face shields, scarves or bandanas on their own do not meet these requirements.

  • Teachers and education support staff are not required to wear face masks while teaching, but

those who wish to do so, can. Teachers must wear face masks in other areas of the school

when not teaching (for example, in the staffroom, on yard duty and when providing first aid or

taking temperatures), and when travelling to and from school.

  • Health, wellbeing and inclusion staff are required to wear face masks, unless an exemption

applies, including the need for ‘clear enunciation or visibility of their mouth’ (for example, when

undertaking a speech therapy intervention or working with individuals who are deaf or hard of


  • Stay home when unwell* • Practise good hygiene* • Ensure physical distancing (1.5m) • Wear a face mask* (students 12 years and older in secondary school, and staff. Staff are not required to wear face masks while teaching, but can if they wish to do so) • Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces*

Secondary school students aged 12 years and over must wear a face mask indoors at school and when travelling to and from school on public transport. Students in Prep to Year 6 are not required to wear a face mask. • Some students and staff are exempt from these requirements. The same face mask exemptions apply in schools as when people are out in the community.


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