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Уважаемые родители и наши ученики! 

Наша школа Malvern Russian Community School уходит (закрывается) на каникулы с 24 марта 2020 по 17 апреля 2020. Это означает, что последнего занятия 27 марта не будет для учеников нашей школы, но учителя продолжат свою работу в стенах школы в этот день для того, чтобы протестировать режим работы онлайн и выработать и утвердить связанные с этим методики и стратегии обучения. Ближе к 17 апреля все родители наших учеников будут оповещены дополнительно через электронную почту и через официальный сайт школы http://www.mrcs.org.au о дальнейших действиях и возможностях продолжать обучение в условиях пандемии. 

Для всех наших учеников рекомендовано установить на персональных компьютерах программу Zoom meeting room, зарегистрироваться и научится ее пользоваться.

Administrators of schools should inform students and parents of this instruction today and close schools until further notice.

Last week we conducted training sessions via the internet on using ZOOM (a virtual classroom) as a vehicle for schools.

We will be conducting sessions this week, which you can join by following the instructions below:

  1. Tuesday 24 March 2020, 6:00pm

            Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/190479634?pwd=RFFnWVp2akRjaDBrWmtoSkw4eFJ6QT09

Meeting ID: 190 479 634 Password: 009692

  1. Wednesday, 25 March2:00 – 3:00pm

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 956 617 225 Password: 018351

  1. Thursday, 26 March4:00 – 5:00pm

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 483 673 111 Password: 007035

As these will be challenging times, how do we keep children engaged?

We will send another email later today to suggest creating an INFORMATION AND IDEAS RESOURCE BANKHow do we keep students engaged?

We will ask you to provide any idea and we will post on our website. Sharing ideas will be a way of helping each other. Attached is a daily timetable for your consideration as an example.

Challenging times but we will communicate with you, our members regularly over this period.

It’s up to us all to ‘flatten the curve’ and take all the necessary steps to ensure we don’t contribute to spreading the virus.

Stefan Romaniw, 0419531255, stefan.romaniw@communitylanguages.org.au

Fahry Abubaker, 0422178062, abubaker.fahry.f@communitylanguages.org.au

Neda Erjaei, 0413858842, erjaei.neda@communitylanguages.org.au

Stay well

Stefan Romaniw OAM

Executive Director

Все учителя и руководство школы желает вам и вашим родным оставаться  здоровыми, сохранять спокойствие и мир в ваших семьях, храни вас всех Господь! Если у вас возникают вопросы вы можете связаться с администрацией школы по электронной почте peter.diachevsky@bigpond.com

🇦🇺 Australian EMERGENCY Notice; 🇦🇺

If you feel unwell, have a fever or sore throat. PLEASE do not go to the medical centre/family clinic or the hospital, please contact the communicable disease control branch directly. There will be a doctor who will visit your place of residence and do a check up on you, it will be free of charge. Do the right thing!

Contact Numbers by State ☎

QLD: 13 432 584

WA: 08 9222 8588

ACT: 02 6205 2155

NSW: 1300 066 055

NT: 08 8922 8044

SA: 1300 232 272

TAS: 1800 671 738

VIC: 1300 651 160

Schools closed from Tuesday in drastic bid to curb coronavirus spread.”

Dear parents and students, school holidays will be brought forward to this Tuesday and all non-essential activities shut down in Victoria as the state government introduces drastic measures to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Premier Daniel Andrews has announced he will tell the national cabinet on Sunday night that Victoria is moving ahead with the dramatic plan in order to save lives.

Our school will also be on holidays from this Tuesday.

Starting next term, 17 April, we will most likely move to online schooling using a program called Zoom.

This coming Friday only teachers will attend school to practice online teaching via Zoom.

A reminder to parents who haven’t paid for 1-st term – please do so urgently.




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